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Make the complex simple by Stretch ByDesign

Stretch ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete cloud solution for companies that want to optimise their business and achieve greater efficiency

Stretch ByDesign focuses on your business idea. Perhaps you’re just about to start up and you’re planning a rapid expansion. Or you’ve already proved the business idea and are now about to scale up. When it’s time to leave the small company’s procedures behind and create a modern company, with automated processes involving tightly-integrated finances and business functions.

A cloud-based business system with the latest technology is required for lightning-fast analysis, full control of customers, logistics, production and all employees in a system that has room for the whole world, both today and in the future.

Stretch ByDesign is a business area of Stretch Göteborg AB. Stretch Göteborg is a leading niche provider of SAP-related services, focusing on SAP’s transformation towards cloud solutions and solutions centred on the user and the journey towards change that this involves.

What is SAP Business ByDesign?

Make the complex simple. Create a basis for flexibility and transparency in your organisation. Do all this in a scalable, cost-effective way with SAP Business ByDesign – the cloud-based business system that is specifically built for the cloud.

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete cloud solution for companies that want to optimise their business and achieve greater efficiency. This SaaS service (Software as a Service) enables you to increase the pace of your innovation in a secure, stable way and at a very advantageous cost.

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Why should you choose SAP Business ByDesign?

The short answer is that you get an awful lot of business system for your money. SAP Business ByDesign handles everything from financial processes to sales, CRM, HR, project management, production, inventories and finance.  It is available whenever and wherever you need it and, in principle, on absolutely any device. Free, simple and scalable!

This cloud-based business system can be key to enabling you to take advantage of new opportunities and accelerate growth. You can:

  • Make your end-to-end processes more efficient and obtain the maximum business value throughout your organisation.
  • Base your decisions on real-time information, with integrated analytics and reporting via SAP HANA.
  • Let users work anywhere any time using built-in mobile apps.
  • Get started straight away. This is as close to a “plug and play” system as you can get.

SAP Business ByDesign the Stretch way

Previously, there was no really good option for cloud-based ERP solutions, but all this has changed with Business ByDesign and we think that’s fantastic! Introducing or replacing an ERP system today should mean something that makes everyday life easier. That automates and is user-friendly and fun to work with! We want to create business value in everything we do and we prefer to do it in small steps. By delivering results early and often, we know that our customers get the most out of their investment. SAP Business ByDesign has 36 predefined processes for you to choose from and we implement ByDesign from start to operational in 3-5 months.

Our specialists help you get started quickly to allow you to generate more business value every day!

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