SAP + QlikView = TRUE

Stretch has entered into a strategic partnership with Qlik R&D to develop and produce new fantastic opportunities for integration between SAP and QlikView.

To help customers running SAP to get the most of their investment in a simple way, Stretch, in close cooperation with Qlik, has developed new exciting solutions during the year. Solutions that contribute to added value for clients in both SAP and QlikView.

Among other things, we have now, in addition to existing SAP-connectors, developed a BEx-connector for QlikView, says Martin Sahlin, CEO of Stretch Denmark.

This new connector is released in early 2015 and allows all the functionality already built in the customers’ BEx-queries to be reused. Thus, it can easily be connected to QlikView self-service analytics, something that will add great value to users.

We have seen that many SAP customers have complex BI solutions where multiple BI systems are used in different parts of the organization for technical or other reasons.

The new BEx-connector allows customers to, without new investment of time or work, immediately use these BEx-queries as the basis for QlikView. It is a terrific opportunity for customers to have a strategic QlikView BI solution for the entire organization. Everything in one place, Martin continues.

With the BEx-connector there are new opportunities for customers to quickly see patterns and gain insights into their SAP data. This helps them make faster and better decisions, something that is becoming more and more critical in today’s business environment.

For more information about the new BEx-connector, as well as other new initiatives in the integration between SAP and QlikView, please contact Martin Sahlin on: or call +45 25 17 17 59

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