All our customers recommend Stretch

As the new Stretch website was being finalised, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey to show what our customers truly think of us. We are pleased with the result. How about the fact that 100 % of our customers (10 out of 10) recommend Stretch if asked by another customer?

We presented three statements and one question. The first three were rated by our customers using a scale of 1 (I strongly disagree) to 10 (I strongly agree).

  1. Stretch delivers high quality! – Result 8,9 out of 10
  2. It is appreciated working with Stretch-consultants! – Result 9,4 out of 10
  3. Stretch’s deliveries are in line with what was promised at the point of sale! – Result 8,8 out of 10
  4. Would you recommend Stretch to another customer? – Result 10 out of 10 answered Yes

Many things have developed at Stretch during 2014, including an updated brand and a new corporate identity. However, the most important aspects remain – Stretch’s high quality and customer satisfaction. Regardless of change elsewhere, these parameters always remain constant.

Read more about the survey at, where you could also find quotes from our customers. Many quotes mention that Stretch-consultants have a great combination of heart and brain. That is flattering! Here is an example:

“Commitment, expertise, and a joyful attitude that spread to us customers.” Stretch Customer, Stockholm

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