To deliver real solutions for real needs – Somaya

During Fall 2013 Stretch have been working pro bono with Somaya in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility Project) project in a pro bono arrangement. The project’s aim is to review and document business processes and information flows, as well as to assist in specifying the requirements for the implementation of a new system support.

Somaya is a female- and girl’s support center with a non-political, non-religious, non-profit foundation. Somaya has the longest experience in Sweden regarding helping abused women of foreign origin and/or Muslim identity.

Just like any other company, Somaya wants to achieve transparency within its organization by implementing efficient processes and information management to enable growth and profitability. Growth and profitability, which in turn enables the organization to transfer money and resources from administration to actual operations. Somaya’s goal is to provide staff with more time and resources to their key function – helping abused women.

Stretch has assisted on a pro bono basis on the project, as a part of the Stretch group CSR-program. Our goal at Stretch is to a few times a year provide our expertise where it is needed the most, but where there might not always be resources available. We summarize it as ‘real solutions for real needs’.

“Working pro bono for an organization with some much heart, energy, and willingness for change, has truly been both gratifying and educational! Not only because Somaya makes a significant difference to abused women, but also because of how professional and dedicated they are in improving the organization and processes.”
– Ann-Louise, Helena and Ulrika – Three dedicated Stretch consultants

“To a non-profit women support center, to be able to get assistance in structuring and simplifying administration and statistics, removes a heavy load for the organization. It also means that we can free up resources to focus on our real work; women and children. It also gives us the unique opportunity to demonstrate the impact of our work. We are both grateful and truly inspired by our cooperation with Stretch. This will lift our organization! Many thanks.”
– Anna-Karin Rydbeck – operations manager Somaya women’s and girls’ shelter

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