20 years of entrepreneurship

Twenty years in the IT industry has given us the code to success: Entrepreneurship

20 years of entrepreneurship

Stretch celebrate 20 years of entrepreneurship. It’s been a fantastic journey of growth made possible by our belief in people’s desire and ability to create a better world.

Our story begins in 2002 with the idea of creating a hotbed for talented people with a strong drive to create smart, sustainable and digital solutions designed to improve businesses, people’s everyday lives and society in general.

Today, 20 years later, we have organically grown into a corporate sphere consisting of 16 companies, with leading expertise and offerings in their respective markets. Most of our employees are in fact IT specialists, business developers, change leaders, project managers, hard-core coders, etc. But they all work towards the goal of improving systems, processes and structures so that our customers’ operations work better, cost less, cut waste and make more money. And they do this passionately with a results-oriented approach, a curious and innovative mind and a genuine concern for the customer’s business, personnel and the world around them.

None of this would have been possible without our brave customers who have allowed us to challenge traditional methods and thinking. The entrepreneurial ability of our employees and leaders to identify the customer’s real needs, problems and challenges – in order to adapt existing or create new innovative solutions – is a big part of our success.

And without our employees’ courage to challenge established “truths” and try new paths, neither we nor our customers would have come as far or learned as much.

So congratulations to ourselves and to all the other entrepreneurs in society who create game-changing effects!


Kudos by Stretch

Entrepreneurs create growth, jobs and future hopes. We want to pay tribute to these heroes of society!


We want to pay tribute to other fantastic entrepreneurs outside the Stretch sphere who, with out-of-the-box thinking, passion and courage, create improvements and growth. Improvements that lead to more efficient processes, enhanced insights, better quality of life and a more sustainable society.

The entrepreneurial heroes are many and we cannot find and pay tributes to all these gems. But we will look for some of those who we think shine that little extra and who dare to be their own pathfinders in creating improvements that benefit many and make the world a little better.

From June 2022, we will therefore give our kudos every month to an entrepreneur whose actions lead to both societal improvements and sustainable effects.

Every customer is a regular. We aim to prove beyond doubt that "a sandwich is a meal"

In the summer of 2020, chef Isabelle Cederblad was between jobs and wanted to start a small and easily-managed business with her family. So they started a food truck business.

On the menu were some tasty sandwiches, pickles and a dip that actually stuck to the fries. The summer passed but the food truck rolled on into the autumn. Bella, as Isabelle is known, realised that she wanted to continue developing the concept. Mackverket was to be nice and stylish, but at the same time continue to be seen as a familiar and welcoming place and brand. Focupssing on seasonal ingredients, meat from Swedish farms and organic vegetables, Mackverket has not only become a well-known food truck in large parts of Stockholm but has also expanded its business to include catering and a restaurant in Ringens Centrum.


Mackverket – Trucken