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You are the one who knows your needs best, which is why you must also be the expert on your solutions in order to create a positive customer experience.

Close customer relationships have never been more important and customers expect a personal, customised experience. If your company and brand are to obtain loyal customers, you must understand and know your customers well in order to know how to deal with them.

We are convinced that the Salesforce platform is the right choice if you want to grow and develop along with your customers and at the pace required by the market. Ability to change and scalability are important qualities which, along with a short “time to market”, place Salesforce in a class of its own.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our customers’ needs and quickly define the right solution together. We help with the journey towards change and make sure to get the solution to market. Our goal is to make the customer the expert.

This is not necessarily the easiest way to do it. Or the fastest. But, the way we see it, it is definitely the best.

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Implementation of solutions on the Salesforce platform for both large and small customers in Norway

Stretch’s customer-related solutions are provided by a highly skilled team of experienced certified consultants and developers who implement solutions on the Salesforce platform for large and small customers in Norway. We focus on several important areas in order to digitalise our customers’ customer journeys and create a positive customer experience:

  • Find your customer – Generate attention for your brand and your solution.
  • Know your customer – Establish your customer relationships digitally with a confidence-building onboarding process.
  • Follow up your customer – Create good digital collaboration arenas that provide positive customer experiences.
  • Learn from your customers Use what you are able to learn about the customer to be more efficient next time you meet.

We are passionate about Salesforce and, thanks to our customers, we have been named as a Salesforce Gold Partner. Salesforce offers one of the world’s most scalable and powerful platforms that is tailored to customer-related processes. It is easy to adapt Salesforce to different needs and processes and it creates the best basis for the development of efficient work processes and for success with sales, customer service and self-service. This allows employees to focus on the customers and help them with their needs and questions, instead of spending time on unnecessary administration.

In order to succeed, you must have motivated employees who want to use new solutions and work smarter. This is guaranteed by focusing on the user when Salesforce solutions are developed. We always make use of our experience and expertise in Prosci with ADKAR and change management in our projects to ensure good user acceptance.

Stretch is there for you throughout the journey, from the feasibility study to implementation and support. We staff our projects with experienced certified consultants who focus on a flexible, adaptable form of collaboration with you.

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