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Change management lays the foundation for process improvement and cultural change in organisations. By focusing on the human side of change, it creates long-term system improvements and results.

At Stretch Accelerate we create results together with our customers and we make change management a measurable activity, easy to adopt and put into action. Findings from Prosci’s global studies show that projects with effective change management have:

78% greater probability of achieving or exceeding their goals.

55% greater probability of being completed before or on schedule.

29% greater probability of being completed on or below budget.

Did you know that you can lead change in a way that is both systematic and demonstrably effective?

Stretch Accelerate helps you succeed with your digital transformation and mobilizes people to create results. We offer experienced change managers who contribute to achieve user adoption and benefit realization.

  • Delivering Project Results Workshop.
  • Employee Orientation.
  • Integrating Agile and Change Management.
  • Leading Teams Through Change.
  • Sponsor Briefing.
  • Taking Charge of Change.

We support and coach project owners, management teams, middle managers, project and change managers throughout the entire change process. Our methods have a proven effect in terms of optimizing an organisation’s processes and operations.

The Prosci methodology is based on over 20 years of research, confirming that it is the sum of change on the individual level that creates successful results in organisations. The ADKAR® model includes tools and methodologies enabling us to create lasting individual change.

We have all heard it way too many times: “Change hits us whether we like it or not. Just brace yourself for change, otherwise you will be left behind.” But what if there is another, more positive, way to look at it? What if there is a method to lead change in a way that is both systematic and demonstrably effective?

As specialists in Prosci change management, we provide services focusing on the human side of change.

Stretch Accelerate deliver result-oriented implementations of change processes with the goal of creating long-term improvements.

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