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Where are we today? Where are we going? How will we get there? Don’t let these three questions keep you awake at night. With Stretch On Sense Cloud Platform you will have all the relevant data at your fingertips whenever you need to check your team’s status.

Even though there are plenty of applications delivering valuable player data, there’s an unquestionable need for a more simplified and detailed team and player analysis. All these systems create a flood of information which is difficult to sift through and draw conclusions from. This is because none of them offers a complete overview of all the available data or delivers unequivocal answers to the above questions.

Stretch On Sense, on the other hand, gathers all the data on ONE platform, ensuring that everyone works towards the same goal and is involved in discussions and decisions that lead to better results. Our solution provides a detailed analysis of how players train, play and feel. We make sure you get all the answers you need to improve each player’s performance and well-being as well as the form of the whole team.


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Stretch On Sense offers

  • Smarter detailed analysis.
  • Quicker understanding.
  • Clearer data overview.
  • Higher quality of work.
  • Greater crowd experience.

Stretch On Sense helps elite sports associations efficiently analyse their players’ well-being and performance with a detailed, simplified and easy-to-understand cloud-based tool. The solution ensures that all players, trainers and other stakeholders work towards the same goal and are involved in discussions and decisions that lead to better results.


With an innovative and advanced SaaS platform we help elite associations improve both player and team performances as well as business results.



Qlik Elite Solution Provider

Stretch On Sense is a Qlik-certified Elite Solution Provider and proud partner of Malmö Redhawks and Medspelaren.









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