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Our solutions are patient-safe, cost-effective and user-friendly

This is not just a general wish, but an expressed ambition on the part of the Swedish Government: we will be a world leader in e-Health by 2025. To get there, the most important thing is to provide you, the people who work in healthcare, with the right conditions to enable you to work in what you love – caring for the patients.

Real understanding is required to be able to make everyday life in healthcare easier. Only those who know the challenges that a stressful working day can bring are able to develop tools that help. For that reason, at Stretch Care we work in constant close collaboration with staff at hospitals, regions, municipalities and healthcare centres. Together, we develop flexible, digital solutions for modern care. And we are driven by a single conviction: To make everyday life easier for you, the people who work in healthcare.

Our solutions are patient-safe, cost-effective and user-friendly. We know how cumbersome and unwieldy old IT systems feel and we are driven by a burning passion to modernise healthcare and make life easier for staff. We are simply going to build the best healthcare system in the world.

Products such as Pulstavlan, Blåappen and My Plans are emerging in collaboration with healthcare professionals. The solutions are well designed and easy to use, while at the same managing complex processes and supporting the highest levels of safety in order to guarantee safe, reliable care.

The products are a benefit in every encounter, every day. Inside hospitals, on the wards, in the emergency room. For doctors, nurses and welfare officers. In the municipality, in outpatient clinics and in health centres. And, by extension, also for the patients. When healthcare professionals can avoid complex administrative processes and clunky computer systems, it frees up more time for the patients.

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