We believe in the will and ability of all people to develop a better world

The IT industry is undergoing large-scale changes. Many companies are endeavouring to become full-range suppliers in the global market, but we have chosen a different path.

Our companies offer IT services and products that create stronger and clearer business values. Each company has its own well-defined market in which the main focus is on customer digitalisation.

The Stretch Group’s ambition is not to cover all possible areas of business in our sector, but to choose the areas where we can create the best benefit for our customers. The most important thing for us is not to be the biggest, but to have the most knowledge of our customers’ everyday experience.

We believe in the willingness and ability of all people to create a better world.

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Our values permeate every part of the business and act as organisational cement

Being Curious means that we always do our utmost to understand every dimension of a problem before we get to grips with it. However, it also means that we make constant efforts to find new ways forward, both for our customers and for ourselves.

The desire to achieve Results is the driving force behind everything we do. Based on clear goals and realistic plans, we make sure to always deliver what we promise. However, we are also transparent and clear about aspects that are beyond our control.

We have a powerful wish to show Concern for people in everything we do. The price of achieving results must not be so high that we lose our perspective on people. Our way of showing concern is by taking responsibility for our recommendations in terms of time, capital and consistency.

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