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Using technology as a tool, we are developing our surrounding environment towards a more sustainable society

Stretch was founded in 2002 and has grown organically since then. Today, we make up an entire group in Scandinavia, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Karlstad, Växjö, Copenhagen and Oslo. The parent company, Stretch AB, is the principal owner of all the companies and has its registered office in Stockholm.

The basic idea behind the Stretch Group is to offer a platform that enables growth at both the personal and the commercial level. We believe that this provides better nutrition for our customers’ business and our own development.

All companies are independent, with an express desire to be a leader in their market. We are growing organically and on a continuous basis through development of the services we currently offer and through the creation of completely new companies and services. Our aim is not to cover all possible areas of business, but to provide expertise in clearly defined areas.

There is a lot of talk about sustainability. For us, it means consuming less than we give back. This approach is often used to explain the ecological cycle. We believe that sustainability also includes business operations. That means that we prioritise solutions and advice and helping the companies in our group to grow together. This takes place, in particular, through our values of Curious, Consideration and Results.

We believe in the willingness and ability of all people to create a better world

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The Stretch Group currently has offices in 8 locations in the Nordic region. They are located in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg, Karlstad and Växjö. Some of our offices represent more than one of our companies.



The gender distribution in the group as a whole is 34% female and 66% male. For senior executives in our companies, the gender distribution is 45% female and 55% male. The average age is 37.



In 2022, we have worked with.

Total sales


In 2022, the Stretch Group had a total sales of 495 MSEK.


We're delighted that you're interested in working with us.

We believe that we both have a responsibility and an opportunity to change the world. For us, it’s important to surround ourselves with people who believe in what we believe in, because only then can we make it a reality.

We’re extremely ambitious and trust in the fact that we will all do our utmost. When we encounter setbacks, we get through them together. And when we win, we celebrate together since we’re all part of it and we all have an effect on our future.

Do you want to be part of changing things and making a difference? You’re welcome to apply to us.

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