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A future-proofed purchase by Stretch Procurement

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Purchases in a future-proofed company

Imagine there is a strategic meeting being held at your organisation, focusing on accelerating the marketing of a product.

Your purchasing manager suggests an option in which you will use a customised design and production process that locks in the company’s future product map to a single supplier.

His idea is to use design-based bidding (DBB) to allow potential suppliers to suggest product design and manufacturing processes. It is all based on a customised design that you yourselves own and that uses components that are generally available.

Your company’s purchasing organisation has been developed in several ways in recent years and its authority has thus been established. Among other things, modern technology has been successfully applied in the entire purchasing function. Terms such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Advanced Analytics are in use in everyday work.

The effects of modern technology include market insights being woven in with spend/supplier data to offer predictive analytics to category managers. Experience and knowledge from previous projects is captured, organised and reused. Routine tasks are automated so no-one needs to deal with a purchase request before it is converted to a purchase order.

That is our idea of a future-proofed purchase. A modern partner function that focuses on creating value for the organisation.

At Stretch Procurement, we help you start out and succeed on this journey.

Stretch Procurement for greater sustainable development

All companies with a sustainability agenda are constantly wrestling with the question of how to translate great ambition into real change. It is no longer enough to say what you are aiming to achieve – nowadays evidence is required in order to show how the company is specifically converting to a circular economy that includes both customers and the supply chain.

When sustainability is made transparent and is integrated into both supplier agreements and business systems, the entire chain is forced to adapt and become circular for real. Stretch Procurement helps businesses of all kinds to ensure that ethics and sustainability policies are complied with and developed over time. In short, we make sustainability work more sustainable.

Stretch Procurement for greater innovation

At a time when everything is expected to go faster, work better and cost as little as possible, outsourcing is increasing in businesses of all kinds. What was previously part of the core business can nowadays be both improved and made more efficient within the framework of an effective supplier network. When the value is largely created outside your own business, control becomes absolutely crucial.

Stretch Procurement helps to both free up and increase the power of innovation in collaboration with external suppliers. We ensure that proactivity, problem solving and collaboration become natural parts of the entire business. And, in particular, that they stay that way.

Stretch Procurement for reduced risk

Managing risk is one of the major challenges in all businesses. In a globalised world, where business transactions take place without borders and where the supply chain is an extension of the business, businesses need to be prepared for and to have processes to deal with unforeseen events.

Stretch Procurement helps businesses to quantitatively measure and predict a range of risk scenarios. By linking smart algorithms to ongoing data collection, we can assess the likelihood of an occurrence of a business-critical event in advance. We also help at a purely strategic level in such tasks as developing the ability to regionalise parts of the business if necessary. We give our customers more time to develop their business instead of worrying about what threatens it.

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