Botkyrka Municipality – Finally an organized digital workplace​

It was incredibly enjoyable to share the successes of the project with so many representatives within digitalization from all over Sweden. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Stretch again.​

– Marika Jonson, Project Manager, Department of Community Development, Botkyrka Municipality​

Representatives from across Sweden were keen to see practical examples of how we organized and streamlined the municipality’s digital workspace. Interest in our project had grown exponentially following a forum on the digitalization of the civil service. Everyone wanted to see an example and find out how we achieved it.​

One of several crucial key component in the project was individual coaching for leaders, which swiftly established a solid ground for new ways of working and a digital channel strategy. Through individual sessions where they could ask all the “stupid” questions (no such thing, right?), the leaders received practical advice on how to make their lives easier in the digital world. ​Alongside the individual coaching for leaders, a group of ambassadors also received practical assistance in digitalizing their own ideas. They learned to automate their time-consuming work processes.​

To achieve continuity and oversight, we created a simple, process-based information architecture in Microsoft 365.​ The practical advice wasn’t just about how to cleverly use SharePoint and Microsoft Teams but also included tips about the Edge browser and smart functions in Windows.​ Users who digitalized their own ideas did so through Microsoft Power Platform. The practical guidance to get started with the platform is already saving several valuable hours. This is just the beginning of future ways of working.​

The success of the project quickly rippled out and, through the ‘Share Digitally’ forum, gathered considerable curiosity, so much so that the entire project team was invited to share practical examples of the project. The team conducted a presentation via Microsoft Teams for over 100 representatives from municipalities, regions, and public authorities across Sweden. An amazing experience!

Botkyrka Municipality 

The fifth-largest municipality in Stockholm, with 91,000 residents, Botkyrka is home to one of Sweden’s youngest and most international populations. The Department of Community Development in Botkyrka municipality, like all municipalities, is working towards achieving an uninterrupted digital community development process by 2027.​

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