Naviair reduces time spent running business-critical processes while keeping control and security

Our client Naviair approached us at Stretch Ability with a cool challenge: help us to set-up and use Power Platform in a safe way.

They were looking for a partner who could guide them through the many strategic and tactical decisions to take when tackling Power Platform governance, but also set-up the platform’s environment architecture and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and finally develop a business-critical Proof of Concept flow. They wanted it all to be in place before opening the platform for internal use, to ensure they could keep it under control and avoid security breaches.

We started the project with two workshops together with a core group of Naviair’s stakeholders. During these workshops we took a deep dive into the Power Platform pillars to define a governance that suited their needs and gathered all the necessary information to set-up the platform and write comprehensive functional and technical documentation. The benefit of doing this together with the stakeholders is that we educated them to learn more about the platform, whilst empowering them to make decisions in a clear and effective way.

We then started the set-up of the platform, taking the stakeholders along in the journey of applying the decisions they made into the architecture and policies set-up. Once the platform set-up was done, we worked together to develop their Proof-of-Concept flow and looked at enhancements and future proofing.

With the Proof-of-Concept flow up and running, our stakeholders immediately started enjoying the effects of automatization, with less time spent running manual processes. They also got inspired to use Power Platform for more opportunities to continue their digitalization journey.

It felt safe to collaborate with Stretch Ability. They helped us at Naviair to start the journey to use the platform in a structured and safe way. Now we can take the first incremental steps in developing apps and flows ourselves and administering the Power Platform, knowing that Stretch Ability is always available with a helping hand when we need it.

– Pierre Kauhanen, Analytics Platform Administrator at Naviair

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