Nonprofit organization saves time with paperless expense reimbursement

We used to spend so much time filling in endless excels to get reimbursed after a mission. Now we can fill in a reimbursement on the go with the Reimbursement app! Take a picture of the document, upload, and off we go to our next appointment. We submit right after our mission, and we get refunded in minimum delays!

It is such a relief in the admin and finance department. No more wrong calculations, and no more excuses!

Until recently, Trans Europe Halles (TEH) had to depend on manual data entry in order to submit requests for the reimbursement of expenses.

With substantial project-related travel being a big part of their activity, a considerable amount of time was spent by employees on manually filling in requests for reimbursement and keeping track of approvals, as well as verifying and storing all related documents. This led to requests handed in late, not correctly filled in, becoming a time-consuming task for both the employee and the admin and finance department.

Discovering Microsoft Power Platform 

When TEH transitioned to Microsoft 365 this was a game changer. In fact, Microsoft 365 includes so much more than just Outlook and Teams. For example, Power Platform, a set of clever tools can be used to build simple digital solutions (such as the reimbursement app) and help companies minimize bothersome manual processes and enhance productivity.

Using a mix of Power Platform tools, our experts at Stretch Ability, worked with TEH to create a beautifully branded app that makes the reimbursement process paperless. The reimbursement app:

  • Removes all the time-consuming manual steps and errors.
  • Allows to fill in a reimbursement on the go, expense after expense directly from a mobile phone.
  • Displays an overview and status of all requests.
  • Is built using Power Platform tools included in Microsoft 365’s standard E3 license (Power App, Power Automate, SharePoint List).

Trans Europe Halles (TEH)

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a non-profit organization and cultural network founded in 1983. They unite 162 grassroots arts and culture centers with strong DIY, independent, community driven and alternative values, across more than 40 countries. TEH supports grassroots communities in their endeavors to reclaim abandoned spaces and transform them into vibrant hubs for arts and culture.

Stretch Ability

Stretch Ability is your digitalization partner. We enhance your business’s ability to digitalize itself, using the tools you already have, so the process happens quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. All businesses have the ability to digitalize themselves. When we empower that ability, we call it automagic.

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