Now our client can identify the best period for investments

The client, a global tech growth company, says that the main impact of SAP Cloud ERP is better control of the entire operation, and perhaps primarily the financial flows.

It gave us an overall view of our finances, so we could identify the right and best period to plan projects and investments, whereas previously we went mainly by gut feeling.

Traceability was another advantage, and all the data was searchable. The client says that this created peace of mind, and also high quality in reporting to the board and owners. The client could rest assured thanks to the fact that everything was in one system, with full traceability.

“We knew that what we were delivering was correct. Moving from several systems to one enabled us to minimise sources of error.”

Switching from several systems to one also produced a knowledge boost among all personnel. Obviously the finance department plays a pivotal part when it comes to business systems, but this client says that also sales, production, marketing – in fact the entire organisation – gained access to more, and more secure, data:

“The whole company now has the same picture of our situation – all data is in a single system which everyone uses. Before, people could have different ideas of things depending on where they worked in the organisation and what system they used.”

A standard, cloud-based solution – the key to success

The client says that one of the success factors was that they [A1] chose a business system with clearly defined standard processes, which they then adapted their operation and their processes to – rather than the other way around.

By adapting to the standard processes, we could implement the whole system in four months working together with Stretch Evolve. We very quickly had an operationally reliable business system in place, and we could rest assured that it would work. We have always had very few problems with our ERP system.

According to the client, standard processes also make it easy to train new employees, so that new users quickly start working with the system. Standard processes are easier to understand, and saves time compared to having to train people up individually.

“Having a cloud-based business system was also a requirement. We should be able to work in our ERP system everywhere, simply and from any computer, without having to secure servers and the VPN.”

Tried and tested methods and business value in focus – SAP & Stretch Evolve was a natural choice

The client says that a cloud-based business system by SAP was chosen because it has clear standard processes that saved the client having to re-invent the wheel. They could simply adapt to SAP’s tried and tested methods. Since a cloud-based system was a requirement, a public cloud system was chosen, eliminating the need for in-house IT administration.

“We chose Stretch Evolve as a partner for this journey, as we felt they understood our operation, asked the right questions and generally spoke our language. It’s nice to have a partner that doesn’t just talk about technology, but about business and business value.”

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