Actualise real business benefits in an analytical tool

Do you want to know how an analysis tool can be used by C users, planning, business decisions and operational users?

Are you curious to know how finance, HR, sales and allocation planning can all be done in one and the same analytical tool?

Do you have both SAP and non-SAP applications (such as Salesforce, IoT and other applications) in your IT landscape, and want to improve data insights with an analytical tool for business intelligence and planning?

These are common questions among companies that use SAP or non-SAP. Companies that switch to SAP S/4HANA to build a digital core and want to reap value from operational data (O data), experiential data (X-data) and streaming data. We offer ‘Stretch Evolve Analytics 4 All’ in eight weeks. We can help you to meet the company’s requirements and actualise real business benefits in eight weeks for BI and planning.

Discover new insights with SAP Analytics Cloud

Our ‘Stretch Evolve Analytics 4 All’ service is based on SAP Analytics Cloud, which helps to create value for organisations by supporting all data, all users, all applications and all devices.

SAC’s real-time analysis functions not only help companies answer tough questions in just a few clicks. They also make it possible to mix data from different sources to create visualisations and discover new insights.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers machine learning, predictive functions and other intelligent functions that help to create automatic reports, support chat interfaces and find concrete business results.

Do you want to increase your business capabilities? Move towards a more data-led organisation with SAP Analytics Cloud.

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