Digitalize your property management with our apps 

An all-in-one solution for property owners and managers. We offer a digital platform with three user-friendly apps for reporting, inspections and key management, changing the way you inspect and maintain your properties.​

  • Reporting – Keep track of your properties with our intuitive reporting app. Using QR codes, tenants and staff can easily report issues directly from their mobile devices. You receive immediate notifications about any problems, making it easier to prioritize and resolve them quickly and efficiently.​
  • Inspections – Keep your properties safe and in top condition with our inspection app. By following preset patrol routes, the staff can easily and accurately inspect the properties and report any deviations. This reduces the risk of damage and extends the lifespan of your properties.​
  • Key management – With our key management app and RFID tags, you can easily and securely track all keys in your properties. You get full control over the use of the keys, minimizing the risk of lost keys and unauthorized access.​

As a customer, you subscribe to Property Whiz for a fixed monthly cost. You get access to all our apps and gain a comprehensive overview of your properties, allowing you to focus on developing and improving your business.​

Invest in Property Whiz today and discover how our groundbreaking concept can transform your property management. Our solution provides you with the tools to ensure that your properties are always in top condition and that your business is efficient and profitable.​

Subscribe to Property Whiz 

For a fixed monthly cost, you get:​

  • Three apps​
  • Possibility of own adaptations​
  • Support and training​

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