From 140 to 0 hours of data management – RPA frees up time

One Stretch Evolve client went from 140 hours of manual data management, to exactly zero hours. The cost? A couple of hours’ investment in developers from Stretch Evolve, people specialised in RPA solutions linked to business systems from SAP.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology that can automate operational processes in order to free up time. This makes it possible for personnel to stop doing manual work and focus on more strategic, value-creating tasks.

The job of RPA is to simulate human behaviour in the system, and it is built on the existing user interface. RPA is generally used to streamline manual tasks such as copying and pasting, data extraction and data input – ideal for standardised processes with a clear business connection, and which contain structured, digital data. There are various benefits:

  • Frees up time – streamlines processes
  • Enables personnel to create more value
  • Shorter lead times
  • Higher quality in processes
  • Greater control with standardised processes

Stretch Evolve increases your business capability and entrepreneurialism through SAP. We have helped several clients with bespoke RPA solutions that save them time, money and human resources.

Would you like to streamline your operation too? Allow Stretch Evolve to hone your processes through RPA.

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