Changing Roles

Stretch is smiling! Our customers say that Stretch deliveries make a difference. Our continued focus on business value will therefore last.

In our Spring 2016 customer survey, customers reported that it is easy and fun to work with us. Our customers went further to say that Stretch pushes boundaries with the market’s latest and greatest technology. At Stretch, this is precisely how we want the market to perceive us – namely, as a modern and entrepreneurial company.

At Stretch, our desire is to continue being a cutting-edge company, making it clear and necessary for us to constantly adapt and to push boundaries; we not only change with the world around us, but also according to what the market demands. We are constantly focused on creating more business value for our customers, striving to develop, as a company and as individuals, along the way. Accordingly, we at Stretch have recently changed some of our leading roles in the organization.

Malin Anjou recently handed over the role as CEO of Stretch Stockholm AB to Sanna Andersson (in the picture), who is formerly the CEO of Stretch Norway AS. Sanna began her new role on August 15th, and with her strong leadership and enthusiastic smile, she now leads the organization in Stockholm onward down the path of digitalization.

Everything can be improved upon and made more efficient in using new digital features; digitalization opens the door for completely new services, and Stretch should be innovative and top of mind in these areas, says Sanna and Malin agrees.

In the role of CEO of Stretch AB, the parent company in the Stretch Group, Malin will strengthen the external relationships with Stretch customers and partners. Malin will further be responsible for the overall Stretch Group perspective, in order to maximize the business value we deliver to our customers. This work includes everything from activities that strengthen the Stretch brand, to active sales work together with the different Stretch companies.

I am proud that as a team we are able to switch roles, focusing on what is best in the bigger picture. For me, this is what it is to operate as a modern entrepreneurial company. This change of roles is best for the entire Stretch Group, as well as for our customers and partners. I wish Sanna and Malin the best of luck in their new roles!

-Jan Maelum, Chairman, Stretch AB and Stretch Stockholm AB

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