Continued high pressure!

As we close 2015, we at Stretch can see that the high intensity we felt last summer continued throughout the year. As a result, 2015 was a fantastic year in terms of results – actually, it was our best year ever.

It is a pleasure to see that the Stretch Group turnover has increased by 11% and the growth result is awesome! While the numbers are great, the best part is seeing the impact we have had on our customers; Stretch has delivered projects that stand out based on the business value we have created. Together with our customers, Stretch has show that we always put business value first in our projects. As simple as it sounds, this has made it easier for us to reach the overall goals we have defined. As expected, we have also delivered on time, on budget, and with pre-determined functionalities.

Are you curious to know more about how we create business value for our customers? If so, then read our e-book “Small Steps to business value.”

As Stretch moves full strength ahead into 2016, we see no signs that the intensity will decrease, but rather the contrary. Our customers have given us continued and renewed confidence to create more business value in all our areas of expertise. In order to meet new requests, we are looking for consultants in all our markets: Copenhagen, Oslo, Malmö, Karlstad, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. Do you want to work with Scandinavia’s hottest consulting company? Whether you are a customer or a future employee, please feel free to reach out to us at

It is not by chance that the sun shines on Stretch!

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