Region Halland is investing in Business Intelligence together with Stretch

Information is an enormously powerful tool, if we use it well. Region Halland knows this and have an aggressive strategy for their use of information. Their initiatives within Business Intelligence (BI) applies not only to their internal information but should ultimately also create conditions to provide better information and service to the region’s citizens.

Region Halland’s initiative to allow BI to play a central role in improving health care is in line with several other projects both in Sweden and internationally. As an example, one of the projects is operated along with a world-class university, with Key Performance Indicators within health care in focus. It is a win-win situation to utilize the power of information!

Stretch has recently won a public contract for the management and further development of the Region Halland´s BI environment. The environment is mostly based on the SQL Server Data Warehousing and Business Objects for front-end. Through our expertise in data warehouse architecture and knowledge of how the ratios and trends are best visualized in Business Objects, we will help Region Halland to maximize the business value of their investment in BI. The project also includes helping Region Halland with the set up of their QlikView platform. Also creating a framework for them in order to be able to use their investment in the best possible way. For us, focusing on maximizing the business value for Region Halland comes naturally, it’s part of our Stretch DNA.

We are very pleased with the confidence that Region Halland shows us with this contract. One major factor in the decision making process was the amazing references we received from our past clients when asked in the process. This makes me really proud. Now we know that we have managed to create the business value for our customers that we focus on. That is really awesome!

– Daniel Terborn, CEO of Stretch Öresund

Our offering within SAP/BO, Microsoft and Qlik is a very successful combination. In this specific case it turned out to be perfectly suited for Region Halland’s needs. Through this assignment, we are taking the next step in delivering business value in the public sector. We are contributing to the social benefits as well, which is very rewarding.

– Richard Werner, Area Manager for Business Intelligence at Stretch Öresund

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