Stretch – Microsoft Gold Partner

We believe in creating business value in everything we do. We believe in collaborations and solutions that will give our customers the most business value for their investment – every day!

Our competence is of course an important key to success, but far from the only one. We love technology! At the same time, we know that it is not the technology that creates value in our deliveries. Rather, it is our curiosity about your business and our ability to convert business requirements into a working solution.

By working with Microsoft technologies, we can provide solutions that create business value early in the life cycle of a project. This philosophy is an important part of our way of working. It is, according to us, a prerequisite for successful projects. We want to deliver results early and often.

Since 2010, Stretch has been a Microsoft partner, delivering customer-specific solutions based on Microsoft’s technology. Now we have expanded the partnership to include Silver Collaboration and Content, Silver Cloud Platform and Gold Application development. We are now also a gold partner with Microsoft and this creates fantastic opportunities for us and for you as customers. Together, we create business value with Microsoft technology.

Of course, we live as we learn. Our own business is based on solutions that include Office 365, SharePoint, Skype and Azure. Just like our customers, we appreciate the flexibility and control it implies. We want to create a fantastic workplace with Office 365 as a platform and you can get it too.

Curious about our awesome Microsoft specialist? Check this out!

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