UNIT4 Business World (Agresso) in the State administration!

The National Government Service Center has signed a framework agreement with Stretch Public AB regarding consulting services related to Agresso.

The need for this agreement arose due to a lot of circumstances and among those the increased need of the services provided by the National Government Service Center. Leading up to a need for specialists with deep knowledge regarding Agresso, Government administration and development.

In the coming years we expect that up to sixty authorities will connect to our Economic Service system solution. We are generally well prepared for this growth, but need support in some areas such as Agresso.

– Gunilla Bruun, Head of Department of Economics and related services at the National Government Service Center

Stretch Public is focused on consulting services with Agresso as a base. Our services are often linked to business development, mainly within the public sector. This combination makes us a very suitable support for the National Government Service Center, says Magnus Högfeldt, CEO of Stretch Public.

The agreement is for two years now, but with the option to extend it for up to two more years.

About the National Government Service Center
The National Government Service Center is a Government agency under the Ministry of Finance. They take care of the administration for about 40 percent of the State authorities in Sweden, focusing on financial and payroll-related services. Among these State authorities are the Employment Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency, Insurance Agency, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the Swedish Pensions Agency, the ESF Council, Recruitment Agency and County administrative boards. You can read more at

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