We are doing well!

Do you also want to work at a career firm? Then Stretch could be for you.

We leave a strong quarter behind us and see continued high pressure for our business in Q2. Much is happening in all our areas of expertise and with it, we accelerate our recruitment, which feels incredibly exciting. We are also amazingly proud to have been awarded as a Career Firm 2015. Do you want to be a part of Stretch’s development and shape the future’s Career Firms? This is the reason given for awarding us:

With a strong focus on gender equality and skills development, the consultancy firm Stretch is far ahead in the industry. Despite having many women in senior positions, and a higher proportion of women than the industry average, the employer is determined to find an even better balance. By prioritizing the right skills and a supportive culture, Stretch shows that the development of employees is extremely important. As a result of the company’s commitment, Stretch is hereby appointed as one of Sweden’s 100 Career Firms 2015.


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