YES!! Once again, Stretch is one of Sweden’s best workplaces!

On 27th of March Great Place to Work® Institute appointed Sweden’s best workplaces. Stretch once again consolidated its position among Sweden’s top ten most progressive companies. This year awarded us an 8th place on the ranking of mid-sized companies, which is the largest category. According to Great Place to Work, the companies and organizations presented on the list are all successful when it comes to creating a genuine trust and a sustainable long-term approach between managers and employees in their organizations. 

– “It is incredibly impressive that Stretch have succeeded in reaching such high and consistent results over a period of six years, from your first appearance in 2009, up until now in 2014. This suggests, and bears witness to that you are really working methodically with your workplace culture, the interaction between co-workers, and how you want to function as a workplace.” Maria Grudén, CEO Great Place to Work

– It was with great pride and joy I received the news, says Jan Maelum, CEO at Stretch. I am not surprised, but very happy. Our success lies in that we work continuously with our work place culture. It is also one of our key strategies. This award is an acknowledgement that our approach works.

– In addition to our companies in Sweden, the survey also included our Stretch companies in Norway and Denmark. They performed just as well, despite not being presented in this result. Our Scandinavian expansion is a testimony to that our culture also works in our neighboring countries, concludes Jan with a smile.


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