If your things could talk, what would they tell you?

Being connected is the new normal, whether you’re a person or a machine. Technology is developing at a dizzying pace, and connected plants, machines and products are therefore becoming both cheaper and more common.

But a connected ‘thing’ has no value unless the collected information is used to increase sales, improve operational reliability or avoid other disruptions to business. This is why it’s important to implement IoT, and not just for monitoring or data collection. It also needs to be integrated into a company’s business processes to ensure full impact from the investment.

Here at Stretch Evolve, we are experienced implementers of integrated business processes using SAP software. We have teamed up with Youmoni, which has well-developed cloud-based services for sensor-based monitoring and analysis. Together, we have a strong offering for IoT – or Internet of Things – implementation, from sensors, infrastructure/communication, monitoring and analysis, to integration with business processes. We help you quickly go from words to action, so you can evaluate the solution in your real-life operation with a Proof of Concept.

Managed IoT

We can offer a total solution for IoT-based scenarios, which entails a low initial investment and minimised risk, which means that your operation can grow into a working IoT solution in a controlled way.

Subscription-based IoT – sensors, data and maintenance based on a fixed monthly fee:

  • Low initial investment – pay as you go
  • Comprehensive infrastructure for IoT-based scenarios
  • API-based integration with SAP’s business processes
  • Data available to your company’s analysis services or in a cloud platform
  • Data protection and security


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