Master Data in the ERP world: the key to business value

Many of the problems encountered in business processes today are attributable to a lack of good data quality or management of master data. Even so, the importance of master data and its related processes continue to be underestimated, which is a problem that will only grow over time.

Volumes of data are increasing, and the number of peripheral systems connected to companies’ ERP systems is increasing all the time, such as Big Data and data from social media. We therefore demonstrate why it is worth investing in your master data, and how to practically achieve distinct improvements at a reasonable level of efforts and cost.

Stretch Evolve helps you to streamline your master data processes and thus enable a faster, simpler and more secure way of working. We provide insights into how you can manage data to and from SAP using tools and templates – something that has a positive impact on workload, among other things.

Would you like to know more about how you can manage and migrate data, and what tools are available? Or are you planning to migrate data from your existing SAP environment to S/4HANA?

Here at Stretch Evolve, we are your guide. We help you in all things master data, and serve as a helping hand on your evolution towards greater business value.

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